Breakfast Wrap: Best of Monday Night

Breakfast Wrap: Best of Monday Night

breakfast-peanutbutter.jpgiPhone Jailbreak Now QuickPwned: No Need for iTunes-Based Restore
If jailbreaking’s your thing, then this, too, is your thing.

Lumitop Bras Add Eye-Grabbing Glows to Lady-Chests

Are there any women out there who would wear this in public? If there are, welcome to Giz!

Guy Builds Olympic Village Replica with 140,000 Playing Cards
I don’t know if I should be blown away by this is or concerned for the mental health of someone who would do this.

Zapp Brannigan Ray Gun For Sale (Only Shot Once At Disgruntled Underling)
Anybody taking note – this is officially now on my Xmas wishlist…

Rock Band and Guitar Hero Instruments Will Finally Play Nice Together on PS3
This might actually make Rock Band affordable, if the going rumours are true…