Breakfast Wrap: Best of Monday Night

Breakfast Wrap: Best of Monday Night

Footprint Fireworks Were Faked into Olympics Opening TV Show
They faked it? No! My life is ruined!

Russian Hacker Mob Takes Over Georgian Web During Invasion
It just goes to show that the Internet is the latest battleground for war.

Three Million iPhones 3G Sold in One Month, Says Analyst Who Is Not Gene Munster
That’s a lot of iPhones!

Braille Karaoke Good For Blind, Even Better for Deaf
Great idea, but I can’t see this making its way into too many karaoke bars.

Robots Go Mano a Mano With Medieval Weapons
It’s fighting robots – what’s not to like?

Olympics Watching: Ultimate PC/HDTV Strategy Guide
I always hate listening to the US complain about something they have that’s infinitely better than what we have in Australia, but I keep linking to it. Is there something wrong with me?