Bill Gates Predicts the Future, Again

If you thought you were going to stop hearing about Bill Gates after his farewell, check out his latest predictions about what's going to be cooking in the next decade, straight from Microsoft Asia research arm's 10th Anniversary forum:

• The Internet will lead to a software revolution.

People often talk about this as the Internet service revolution. That will eventually lead to machines that have lots of server capacity, lots of low-cost computing, low-cost storage. And that will let us write software in an even more ambitious way, eliminating the last constraints we have.

• Computer interfaces will include touch, speech, and vision

They [computer interfaces]are fairly developed in the labs, I can say that in 10 years will be widespread.

• Artificial intelligence in robots. Maybe.

You might get artificial intelligence or robotics, but those are still so undeveloped, at least in terms of widespread impact.

Is that it? Google apps, iPhones, and halfwit robots? That's the future? Didn't all this nothingness actually happen in this decade? Oh the humanity. [CNN]

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