Behind-the-Scenes Film Out, by Photographers Who Advance Tested Nikon D90

Ok, so the much-rumoured Nikon D90 is now official, but over at Chase Jarvis Photography they know all about the camera: they were asked to "test the bejeezus out of the Nikon D90 for weeks-on-end prior to anybody even knowing it existed." Armed with a bunch of D90s taped-up to disguise their identity they piggybacked testing the device on top of some commercial photo shoots, looking at the D-movie 720p video recording, IS03200 shooting, the ergonomics... basically putting the advanced amateur-targeted cam through some pro-user tests, as the video shows.

The conclusion? It's excellent. As Chase puts it: "Nikon are listening to pro photographers, amateurs, and engineers alike, as a part of testing and adopting new products."

The particular favourites were the D-movie HD video feature. Since the cam can be attached to lenses that are way beyond the things normally bolted to the front of consumer video cams, you can control exposure, depth of field and image quality in new ways. "Sure, for us pros, we've got the RED camera. But for everybody else? This is the future." It's also ideal as a back-up body for photo journalists, the team suspects, simply because it's got so many bells and whistles and shoots video with audio. The image quality appealed to the team too, particularly the high ISO 3200 shooting which lets you take images in previously difficult lighting situations. Finally the lightness and ergonomics of the D90 tickled their fancy.

Are you jealous of these guys yet? I sure am. []

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