Australian Mac Sales Closing In On Toshiba And Lenovo

Australian Mac Sales Closing In On Toshiba And Lenovo

ImageAccording to a report on ZDNet today, analysts from both Gartner and IDC are claiming that Apple’s Australian market share is growing at a rate that far outstrips the competition. And this is despite the fact that Macs cost twice as much as PCs

Gartner analysts apparently reckon that the house that Jobs built is recording 52% year on year growth, and in the second quarter of 2008 captured 5.3% of the market (compared to 3.8% for the previous year.

But what’s even more interesting is that Analyst group IDC claim that Apple are fast approaching Toshiba and Lenovo, who each claim about 8% market share (although they claim Apple has 6.2% market from Q1 2008).

HP are still the country’s biggest computer maker, with Dell and Acer behind them.

Although nobody outside of Apple probably has any way of knowing, but I wonder just how much of an effect the Sydney Apple Store has had on Mac sales?

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