Animated Waterdrop Sculpture May Amaze, Make You Seasick

Less spine-tinglingly freaky than the eerie-eyeballed Opto-Isolator animated sculpture, the upcoming Waterdrop sculpture by Héctor Serrano Studio for Roca may have a different side-effect: seasickness. It's made of hundreds of moving vertical bars, each with a glowing tip, driven by motors to mimic in large scale the surface of a puddle after a water drop impact. Imagine: a darkened room with the repeating oscillations of a huge simulated sea surface. At the very least, it may make you wonder where the bathrooms are. On show at 100% Design London from 18 September. And if you can't make it, there's a video of the effect at the Waterdrop link. [Waterdrop via Designboom]

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