Acer Aspire Predator Gaming PC Will Take On Aliens For Control Of Earth

Acer Aspire Predator Gaming PC Will Take On Aliens For Control Of Earth

Aspire_7700_02.jpgThis is quite possibly one of the meanest looking computers you will ever lay your eyes on. The Aspire Predator from Acer is their top of the line gaming machine, meant to aid you in your quest to destroy anything and everything that stands in your way, from Alien hordes to Danny Glover.

The front panel mechanically rotates up to expose the glorious innards, from hot-swappable HDDs to USB ports. Behind the connections (in the belly of the beast, perhaps?) you’re inundated with the highest possible tech available, from the 4TB of hard disk space to the 8GB of RAM. The entire thing is powered by an Intel Core2 Extreme quad-core processor with 1333MHz FSB, while a two-way enabled NVIDIA SLI takes care of the graphics.

There’s also liquid cooling and dual Gigabit LAN technology to completely eradicate lag from your fragfests.

Needless to say, all this tech will cost a pretty penny, and that pretty panny adds up to be $4,500. But if you’re serious about your PC gaming, how can you really afford to not own one of these machines?

Aspire Predator: The Gaming PC from Acer · Unique case design for extreme gaming · Generous Storage – 4TB capacity hard drive and 8GB RAM · Two-way enabled NVIDIA SLI® · Minimum risk overclocking capabilities

Sydney, Australia 20 August, 2008 – Acer Computer Australia has launched the Aspire Predator, a new range of desktop computers specifically for PC gaming enthusiasts. The new line is specifically designed for extreme gaming users, who are predominantly the early adopters of cutting edge technology.

The Aspire Predator G7700 features a metallic copper coloured case design with a solid exterior and mechanical front cover to conceal the high specification components below. Lifting the lid transforms the gaming rig into a fierce PC, complete with blue LEDs and claw-like ODD doors.

The Aspire Predator incorporates the highly overclockable Intel® Core™2 Extreme quad-core processor with 1333MHz FSB. The nTune overclocking utility offers simple control over the traditional complex process of overclocking the CPU, RAM and graphic cards without the constant need to reboot after adjustments.

The rig offers two-way enabling NVIDIA SLI®. It allows gaming visuals to be pushed over the top by combining the power of two independent NVIDIA GPUs via SLI technology. Delivering inspiring high performance graphics are 1.5GB of dedicated GDDR3 VRAM and two of the most advanced GPU’s running simultaneously.

The new Aspire Predator gaming PC is a powerful unit featuring up to 8GB of DDR2 800/1066 MHz SDRAM with dual-channel support on four DIMMs. The system can be configured through easy access to the Hard Disks via a special door on the front of the chassis. The standard Acer Hotswap Hard Drive solution makes the four SATA hard disks removable even when the PC is turned on and in use[1] .

The new range of PCs feature an advanced liquid cooling system that maintains cool system performance amidst the most intense gaming. This state of the art cooling system is made to last for continuous operation without fear of pump failure or coolant evaporation.

“The Aspire Predator holds a unique distribution strategy. The product can be ordered and configured online and therefore customised to specific gaming needs as well as units being available through specialised valued channel partners,” says Aaron Jambrovic, Product Specialist for Consumer Desktop, Acer Oceanic Region.

Other features include Dual Gigabit LAN technology which permits blazing file transfers and optimises system performance, and its teaming mode permits two connections to work at the same time for network redundancy.

The Aspire Predator desktops come with essential accessories such as a Logitech® multimedia gaming keyboard and a gaming mouse. Creative® Sound Blaster® X-Fi Titanium audio enhancement provides a 15% boost in sound effects processing over leading onboard sound technologies.

The Aspire Predator will be sold through Acer’s authorised distributor Synnex Australia Pty Ltd nationally from $4,500 (RRP inc GST).

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