10 Gadgets That Help You Play Like an Olympian

It has been quite an Olympics hasn't it? From the spectacular opening ceremonies, to the amazing performances by Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt (not to mention all of the controversy stirred up by the Chinese government). In years past I can't say that I was all that excited about the Olympics—but I will be kind of sad to see this one go. The good news is that just because the games are over doesn't mean you can't carry the torch...literally. So, check out the following ten gadgets to learn how to play like an Olympian.

Torch Relay:

Usually, physically fit / important individuals are chosen to be a part of the Olympic torch relay—which is why you were passed over this time around. Screw the IOC! You can have your own torch relay around the neighbourhood with this official replica version. Only 200,000 were authorised—each featuring steel leftover from the "Birds Nest" stadium and a base of laser cut crystal illustrating the route of the controversial Beijing torch relay. Available for US$500. [Product Page]

Avoiding the Health Hazards of Pollution:

A big to-do was made out of the poor quality of the air in Beijing. In fact, it was such an issue that many athletes were issued smog masks before they arrived—and the US cycling team was forced to apologise for wearing them at the airport. If airborne pollutants concern you, and you don't mind looking like a Michael Jackson-esque hypochondriac, you can pick up a filtered pollution mask for around US$25 (sport version available on 8/25). [I Can Breathe]


Obviously the big story of this year's Olympics was Michael Phelps' amazing 8 gold medal effort. He is a machine, there is no doubt about it, but he did have some help. The LZR Racer swimsuit from Speedo had a hand in a race or two with its space age fabrics and snug Hydro Form compression system. Available for US$550 starting in October. [Speedo via Link]

Another secret to Phelps' success was his trusty iPod. We saw him sporting earbuds and getting pumped up with music before every race. But what the hell was he listening to exactly? The only song we know for sure was Lil Wayne's "I'm Me," but he has professed affinity for Young Jeezy, Twista, Eminem, Usher and Outkast in the past. So what does that mean for you? Rap wins gold medals folks. It's a fact. [ZDNet]


Besides the mystery of Phelps' iPod, another question on everyone's mind was that black junk on the shoulder of Volleyball phenom and hottie extraordinaire Kerri Walsh. The answer was Kinesio athletic tape, and it helps support muscles without inhibiting the athlete's range of motion. Available for about $15 a roll. [AllegroMedical and Link]


Those bizarre blinking helmets you see on the heads of fencing athletes in the Olympics are actually based on the same technology the sport has been relying on for years. LEDs on the mask are set off when the open-closed circuit system detects a charge from the weapon, indicating a hit. Forget fencing, these would make great accessories to a Halloween costume. [Link]


Unless you have a million bucks to burn on a bike, you will not be getting your hands on this custom Koga bike designed for Dutch cyclist Theo Bos. Apparently, it has the lowest air resistance of any bike in the world, and its super stiff frame makes it an extremely difficult ride—unless you are a finely tuned athlete, that is. [Link]

Track and Field:

Staying cool is essential if you are training on a track outside in the heat. The Nike PreCool vest helps athletes lower their core temperature and keep muscles working optimally. The vest features two layers: the innermost layer is filled with frozen water and the outermost layer is made from aluminium to help trap the cold in. [Link]

If you saw Usain Bolt capture the 100 and the 200 meter golds, you probably know that he could have won the race in flip-flops. However, he was wearing custom gold-coloured Puma Theseus II Croc track spikes on both occasions, and you can pick them up at Foot Locker for US$100. [Foot Locker]

Okay, So You Are Not The Athletic Type:

No worries, you can still sit on your arse and smoke like an Olympian with this Bird's Nest ashtray and lighter combo. There is even an LED in the lighter to give it the same stylish vibe as the real thing. Available for US$23. [sourcingmap]

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