We're Not In Kansas Anymore, iPhone (3G)

Testing out the A-GPS on the iPhone 3G with the guys from Polar Bear Farm in our hotel room brought out some pretty interesting results from the new iPhone 3G. After starting on  a map of New Zealand, it suddenly zoomed in on some rural backwater road in the middle of nowhere.

Zooming out, it wasn't exactly obvious where the iPhone thought we were.  Zooming out further, it started telling us we were in Kansas. That's Kansas, USA.

Thinking that it might be helped by stepping outside, we journeyed out to the balcony and pressed the location button again. Straight back to Kansas. Not sure why this happened, or if it's just because of the fairly slow 3G network here in New Zealand. Anybody over in Oz had any similar probs?

[iPhone 3G Launch on Giz]

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