We Always Wanted a Custom Eyeball Lamp

For those of you who've looked around their apartment and thought, "You know what this place needs? A lamp that's modelled after my eyeball!"—your day has finally come. 5.5 Designers will create your own custom hand-blown glass eye. You fill out their order form picking from various eye colour swatches and including some pics of your peepers, and through the magic of creepy mail ordering, an anatomical illumination device will show at your door. But to be fair, seeing Murano-based Glassblower Livio Serena at work does make the whole thing seem a lot more "artsy" than "psycho-killery":

Contact 5.5 Designers for pricing and availability info. And please refrain from asking if they can reproduce certain other bodyparts. You'll embarrass us. Again. [5.5 Designers via IfIt'sHip and Shiny Shiny]

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