Waterproof Gadget Coating is Invisible, Mystifying, Mind Boggling Witchcraft

Golden Shellback is a coating that lets you spill, pour, or submerge your gadget in a liquid and have it survive. Golden Shellback says it will protect against oils, water-based liquids, synthetic fluids, dust and dirt. Tekzilla's Patrick Norton shot a segment on Golden Shellback and has footage of mobile phones and CB radios functioning normally under a foot of water (Golden Shellback claimed the CB sat underwater for 455 consecutive hours).

Apparently, the coating is applied in a vacuum and covers both the inner and outer components of a gadget, which doesn't conduct electricity. Golden Shellback hopes the protective coating will be available soon, and expect the service to cost between US$50-US$75 depending on the size of the gadget. But seeing is believing, so you should watch the video, which is borderline mindblowing. [Golden Shellback via Tekzilla via gCaptain]

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