Waspinator 2 Eliminates Summer Wasps Quietly, Painlessly

Behold the Waspinator 2! It has an intelligent optical and ultra-sound directional microphone tracking system which identifies wasps flying near your house by their flight pattern and buzz. Then, the Waspinator 2 uses up to six retractable low-power laser mini-cannons to individually target and kill the wasps, virtually vaporising them in mid-air. Or at least, that's what, with a name like Waspinator 2 should be. Instead, it's just a thing that simulates a wasp nest, so real wasps wouldn't get near, fearing a possible enemy attack.

Hang up the Waspinator and wasps disappear: it's really that easy to take the worry out of picnicking, camping or relaxing outdoors. Your personal, portable wasp repeller imitates an enemy nest to scare away the wasps that could ruin your good time. It doesn't kill or trap bugs, and it uses no poisons or chemicals, so it's enviromentally friendly, weatherproof, and safe around humans and pets.

Summer and wasps are now ramping up, so the Waspinator 2 sounds good to me even without lasers. Waspinator 2. I just love to say it out loud: Waspinator. Waspinator. Waspinator.

Waspinator. [Skymall via Random Good Stuff]

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