US Airways Removing All In-Flight Movies, Didn't Want Your Stupid Business Anyways

Apparently, flying is just too pleasurable an experience, which is why US Airways is getting rid of all in-flight movies and is cancelling plans to test out a new entertainment system in its planes. Wah wahhhh!

The systems, which weigh about 230kg, will be yanked from all US Airways planes in November to save on precious, precious fuel. With airlines such as Virgin America, Delta and JetBlue offering personal entertainment setups with large selections of movies, games, TV shows, and other such things, it's pretty amazing that US Airways is axing something that's been standard on all long flights for years. This is in addition to getting rid of free snacks, charging US$2 for drinks that used to be free, charging US$15 to check a single bag, and charging US$10 to punch you in the face when you get off the plane.

Who in their right mind would ever fly US Airways if they had a choice? Seriously, I want to hear a single good reason for flying US Airways other than "no one else flies to where I need to go for this important funeral/wedding/key party." Let's hear it. [Charlotte Observer via Consumerist]

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