T-Mobile Raises Text Message Prices (Meaning You Can Ditch Your Contract)

T-Mobile is hiking its SMS rate to 20 cents a text (up from 15), effective Aug. 29. Annoying, unless you want to get out of your T-Mobile contract. Raising prices is typically considered a material breach of contract, meaning you can weasel out of it with a bit of elbow grease and persistence (to show that it's a "materially adverse change" to your contract), avoiding that hefty early termination fee.

Consumerist lays out exactly how to do it (it's for AT&T, but it should still work): Cite the hike as your reason for cancelling; don't pay your bill at the new rate; don't give in to a cheaper plan; be steady like a rock. (Update: Make sure you get the notification of the price change first.) BTW, anyone else think doing this pre-iPhone 3G launch (whose 3Gness won't work on T-Mo) is like the worst timing ever? [BGR, Consumerist]

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