TiVo Selling Your Secrets, Turn Off That Jon & Kate Plus 8 ASAP!

TiVo has a lot of data on their 1.7 million users and now they're tapping it to make some money on the side. TiVo is licensing their information to media-marketing research company TRA, including demographic-based data regarding live TV, recording, time-shifting, digital/analog cable, satellite, OTA channels and even the stuff their viewers have purchased.

It's not a complete first—in 2007 TiVo offered much lighter data through its Stop Watch service—but that was only from 20,000 units. However, before the internet cries that it's an invasion of privacy, know that all data has been packaged in anonymous statistics. Still, it'd be nice if TiVo users saw some subscription subsidies for the favour... [Multichannel] [Original artwork]

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