The Stadium of the FUTURE...Future...future

Where will we be going to enjoy our sporting events in the future? What kind of amenities and features will the stadiums have to cater to our needs as fans? PopSci has investigated some of the up-and-coming technologies that we can expect to find in the stadium of tomorrow and compiled all of these innovations into a composite that includes the best design and technology features from a dozen cutting-edge stadium plans.

The Frankenstein stadium of the future is composed of some technology that we have already heard about—like new Cowboys stadium and its gigantic video screen. However, you may not have come across plans for a single-piece steel roof that makes taunts more audible to opposing players in Liverpool F.C.'s new stadium, or the wireless screens set to be built in Oakland's new Cisco field. The interactive screens will allow visitors to order food, pull up stats, and even find the shortest bathroom lines from the comfort of their seat. There are also plans that make stadiums greener, cooler, and more flexible when it comes to configurations. Check out PopSci for more info. [PopSci]

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