The iPhone 3G Gets Dissected

Those lads over at ifixit promised us that they'd be the first to crack open the iPhone 3G. And pending any stories coming out about absurdly bad gadget-dropping experiences from outside Vodafone, it seems they've delivered. We'll be following ifixit this morning to get the first look. Read on to behold the inside of your iPhone 3G (so you don't give into that impulse to crack it open yourself).

AU: Huge shout out to Luke from iFixit who lined up in the Auckland cold just to pull his iPhone 3G apart. He was fourth through the doors... I just hope he managed to put it all back together.

Such a tease....

OK, scratch that, we're actually getting a bit nauseous.

Phew, it's not a bleeder. Apparently this is the top/display unit.

And the glass is no longer glued to the display (which means easier repairs, ifixit points out...plug plug).

My favourite part of this shot: The "Do Not Remove" sticker. UPDATE! It appears ifixit is going to remove it! If we're all sucked into a black hole, Brian Lam, we made eye contact once over dinner and I thought there might be something more there but wasn't sure.

UPDATE 2: OK, I think they were just joking about removing the sticker for the time being. You know, like I was joking about that whole Lam dinner thing.

The battery is not soldered on.

Here's the heart (logic board) of the iPhone 3G. According to ifixit, Intel NOR flash on the top left, Skyworks power management on the top right.

Here's the second half of the logic board. It's pretty easy to spot the massive Apple-branded processor.

And we are left with only an empty shell...consumerism sheds a tear.

Pending any other massive discoveries, we think we've seen enough iPhone 3G anatomy to curb the craving. Head on over to ifixit for more updates. [ifixit]

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