The Bible(s) Hits the iPhone

We expected to see our share of social networking apps, sports programs and games in the iTunes App Store today, but one thing that we underestimated was the sheer amount of Bible software that would be available at launch. Really. While other faiths seem left in the dark, Christian software design firms showed up in large numbers to repackage what is pretty much the same thing, the Bible.

Bible Xpress
Price: US$30
Tagline: "BibleXpress is the Bible for the common Christian."
Features: Multiple translations of the Bible, bookmarks, notes, a "powerful search engine" and slot machine-like wheel. But instead of monies you get holies.

Bible Verse
Price: US$2.99
Tagline: "Bible verse allows you to have the entire...Bible on your iPhone."
Features: Barebones and split into different versions (King James and American Standard) for cheapie downloading. It's like buying faith off the á la carte menu.

Price: US$2.99
Tagline: "BibleScope is a Bible study application..."
Featuers: It's a Bible (KJV and NSB) with bookmarks, search and notes. Seems like the deal of the bunch as Bible Xpress costs about 10 times more for the same thing.

Holy Sword
Price: Free
Tagline: "The Holy Sword is a small software which is designed as a Bible reader."
Features: From what we can tell, a Chinese and English version of the Bible.

Price: US$32.99
Tagline: "Daily psalms, prayers and readings from the Catholic Liturgy of the Hours."
Features: While technically not a full Bible, the app creates a calendar of faith with a daily to do list of faith-based content for a Catholic audience.

Price: US$9.99
Tagline: "Bible2GO is an electronic bookshelf for multiple bibles."
Features: Three versions of the Bible, popup footnotes, auto landscape viewing and the words of Jesus are in red.

At the moment, no other religious texts appear to be represented on iTunes. That is, if you don't count the "Attaining Zen" rock garden app.

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