The Backpack Bicycle For Ultra-Portable, Potentially Dangerous Transportation

The idea of a compact, folding bicycle is nothing new, but designer Chang Ting Jen is hoping to take the concept even further with his Backpack bike. According to the specs, a production version would weigh around 5.5kg and fold into a backpack that measured just under 60cm in length. Naturally, that means that you could pick up and carry your bike around just about anywhere.

A bicycle as compact as this version promises to be would definitely be appealing—especially when gas prices are as high as they are right now. However, the plans call for plastics to be used in the frame instead of metal to keep the weight down. With all of the technology going into bike frames these days, you would think that a more advanced material could be used in the frame to add strength and drop weight. By the looks of things, this bike could be deadly to someone weighing over 70kg. [The Design Blog via Tech Digest]

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