Telstra plays it simple, all business


Telstra was a sedate affair, but kudos to them for making it pure business. They had plenty of staff in T[life] , some queue space inside the warm premises (it was frosty frosty out on George St with a nasty ice wind to boot), plus flyers with the official plan details so you could make up your mind in the 10 seconds before purchase. Actually, they were taking the time to talk people through their current usage patterns and which way they should lean... but couldn't tell how many people were being told "20MB outta be enough for anyone" (remember that isn't even the LOWEST data plan).

However, there was no love given to the gathered queue, which by time of opening was around 80-100 strong. Given the icy conditions, it was a bit too "pure business" to show them absolutely no love — doesn't compare well to the competition who were all treating queue members to warm drinks and tasty treats. There's a "leaving people out in the cold" allusion here I can't quite put my finger on...

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