SSC Ultimate Aero EV to Make Tesla Roadster Look Like a Ford Fiesta

Sure, the Tesla Roadster is a pretty fast electric car, I guess. But the Shelby Supercars Ultimate Aero EV? Well, that's going to be the fastest electric car in the world. I mean, just look at that thing!

It's still in the design phase, but we do know that SSC has at least one 500-HP electric motor designed, and they're considering sticking two of them in one car to create an insane, 1,000-HP beast that doesn't emit a thing. Even more interesting is the drive train, which SSC claims uses a power source that allows for extended time between charges. Like years between charges. I'm not exactly sure how you're going to power a 1,000-HP electric car with two motors for years between charges, but I'm certainly interested in seeing them try. This one is a few years off, but when it does hit, one thing will be for sure: you won't be able to afford it. [Autopia, Jalopnik]

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