Sony Shows Latest PS3 Home, Now Recruiting Beta Testers

Sony is now recruiting beta testers for PlayStation Home, the virtual world that PS3 users will use to interact with each other—and try to have virtual sex. They will invite 10,000 users from today to August 11, with the beta starting later in the month. The beta will include only a limited number of places, including a Game Venue developed in collaboration with Namco, where you would be able to play Pac-Man, Galaga, and DigDug. All of them look very nice and polished, however:

The locations include:

• Home Square, the central plaza that gives access to all the places
where users will be able to customise their house.
• Your apartment.
• Theatre, to watch videos and trailers.
• Bowling and Billiards.
• Marketplace.

[Impress AV Watch]

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