Sony E3 Liveblog

We're here at Sony's E3 press event, preparing for the onslaught of hardware and software news they've got planned for today. Could there be a price cut? A new WiiMote-like peripheral? Just new games? Just old games? Whatever it is, it's going to be shown on the giant stage full of Sony's TVs. It's about to start, so keep refreshing so you can see the exciting Sony-ness. Sony-osity. Sony-manium. Update: It's started!

11:32: Sony's pumping electronic music between audio feeds of the six games people are playing on stage. Metal Gear Solid 4, Pixeljunk Eden, GT5 Prologue, GRAW2, Ecochrome and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

11:33: What could Sony pull out to top Wii Music? It's going to be pretty difficult, if you know what I mean. Seriously, it's the epitome of gaming and developer should just go home at this point.

11:35: It's starting! A bunch of Sony PlayStation shapes are scrolling across the six screens.

11:37: The excitement level is definitely higher than Nintendo's which was laid back and totally casual-oriented.

11:38: The stage is definitely very well designed. Very pretty. Jack Tretton, Emperor of Sony, is coming on stage.

11:39: Jack is talking about all the stars that have been on this stage, including Jack Bauer and Jack Pallance. And then he made a crack about how Jack Pallance is dead, followed by slight shock and boos from the crowd.

11:41: It was 10 years ago that Sony introduced the PlayStation, and they're taking the crowd on a journey through the PlayStation brand—including all the more notable games.

11:43: Now Sony is talking about other features, like videos and photos, plus the @home research program that helps to cure diseases.

11:44: They're talking about how the Blu-ray won the next-gen disc format war against the HD DVD. And part of that is because of the PS3. A big part.

11:45: Grand Theft Auto 4, Metal Gear Solid 4 and Gran Turismo 5 Prologue are three examples of great games (sequels) on the platform, says Jack.

11:47: A five second video just went up showing an image of the PS3.

11:48: Jack Tretton is much better this year than last, where he was fairly awkward. He played off his awkwardness well this time.

11:48: Here comes Resistance 2 being demoed in real time.

11:48: There's a gigantic ugly alien stomping around a city like the Cloverfield monster.

11:50: It's definitely very cinematic, but the environment graphics don't seem all THAT fantastic. Definitely a good looking game though.

11:52: The game is set in Chicago in the 1950s.

11:53: There's eight-player online co-op and 60 player online-multiplayer.

11:55: They're playing a trailer with a Kennedy-esque president making a speech about how aliens are winning the war. Kotaku will have more on this later.

11:56: Next up is Little Big Planet. It's a game with pretty large social networking and user-created content.

11:58: Jack's using Little Big Planet to talk about the business updates. Very clever. Using the little guy (Sack Boy) to illustrate what would otherwise be Powerpoint slides. Woo!

11:59: A lot of $29 discount titles are announced as well.

12:02: Little Big Planet is coming October 2008.

12:02: Hats off to Sony for making a dry business presentation interesting with Little Big Planet.

12:03: Now, the PlayStation 2.

12:03: There are still 130 titles coming to the old system, in case you still haven't updated to a next-gen system yet.

12:06: Buzz, the quiz show, is coming to PS2 and PS3.

12:06: Singstar, the karaoke game, is still going strong on the PS2.

12:07: Later this year, a Lego Batman PS2 bundle will be $149 and also include a DC movie DVD.

12:08: Next up, the PlayStation Network. All PlayStation users will have a single sign-on over PC, PS3 and PSP.

12:09: Jack is talking about the amount of downloads on the PSN, which is up to 180 million pieces of content downloaded since Nov. 2006.

12:11: New game announcement: Rachet & Clank Future: Quest For Booty. It's a shorter game with a lower price, and was rumoured before. It's a continuation of the Rachet & Clank game that's already out now.

12:12: It's darker than the original R&C, and he's got a new wrench tool.

12:13: $14.99 later this summer. See Kotaku for more.

12:13: Here's a dig at Xbox Live Arcade: "We're not interested in filling up our store with games nobody wants to play just so we can say we have more games."

12:14: And now a montage of upcoming PlayStation Network games. Hit up Kotaku for details on these.

12:15: A bunch of car TV content is coming to Gran Turismo 5 Prologue in October, including car shows like Top Gear and various Japanese racing events.

12:20: Now, PlayStation Home. Jack assures people that their patience will be rewarded when Home finally expands to wide beta.

12:21: He's talking about various game companies and their promise to provide content for PlayStation Home and utilise it in their games.

12:22: They're showing a bunch of game spaces like Warhawk and Resistance 2, which are basically like command-rooms that you can view some decorations based on the game and even launch it.

12:23: The PlayStation Network video network will have various content providers like MGM, Warner, and a bunch of others (including Sony Pictures.) Both standard def and high def TV, and pricing will be $2.99-$5.99 for rentals and $9.99-$14.99 for purchases. We've posted on Sony's PSN video before, but the pricing seems new. Once you purchase it for the PS3, you can load it on your PSP as well.

12:25: Eric Lempel of Sony is showing how the video store will work. It's located inside the PSN store now and looks pretty much like a video store would.

12:26: Downloading an SD movie takes an hour to get a two-hour movie, but you can start watching it after you've downloaded about a minute's worth.

12:28: HD rentals are more expensive (usually about $5.99).

12:28: There are two ways to get content onto the PSP. One way is going through the PS3 and transferring via USB cable, another is through the PC.

12:30: The video service is going up tonight, July 15.

12:30: Rachel & Clank Size Matters Entertainment Pack is coming soon at $199, with a Memory Stick and National Treasure 2.

12:33: Now, they're showing off a Resistance game for the PSP. It's called Resistance Retribution.

12:35: And now a highlights reel of PSP games. Hit Kotaku if you want a list of them.

12:37: Jack is talking about Google, with uploading clips onto YouTube automatically (only in some games).

12:40: Jim Lee, executive creator of DC Universe Online, is coming on stage. He's doing some one-arm pushups. Nice!

12:42: They've been working for three years building DC Universe Online, which includes Superman and BATMAN, of course.

12:42: You can HELP Batman, but not BE Batman. You can also be a villain and be beat up by Batman too.

12:46: Price drop! 80GB PS3 goes to $399 later this year. It's got the same functionality as the 40GB one now, but with a larger hard drive.

12:50: Sony's showing a montage of developers talking about how powerful the console is and how they're getting used to programming for it.

12:53: Another montage of upcoming and already-released PS3 games.

12:56: Yes, another montage is coming. This time including God Of War 3.

12:58: And Infamous, where you play a good or bad superhero.

12:59: Andy Beaudoin from Zipper Interactive is up on stage, talking about an as-of-yet unannounced multiplayer game. Wait, it's called MAG (Massive Action Game). Battles of up to 256 players at a time.

It's a combination of small, squad-based gaming with the numbers of an MMO.

1:05: And that's it for Sony! Thanks for reading. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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