Show Us Your Wildest Gadget Dreams in Napkin Sketch Form

It's a classic story: someone comes up with a million dollar idea while sitting at a bar and sketches it out on a napkin to remember it. Later, they profit, and they have a cute story about where they came up with the idea. Well, now's your chance. For this week's photo contest, I'm looking for you to get creative without the aid of Photoshop. Instead, I want to see what kind of fantastical gadget napkin sketches you can come up with. What have you always wanted to see on the shelves of Best Buy? What's the craziest or most futuristic device you can imagine? Sketch it out on a napkin, take a picture or scan it in, and email it to [email protected] with "napkin sketch" in the subject line. I'll post the best sketches in our Gallery of Champions next Tuesday. Get sketchin'!

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