Senator Conroy Hearts The iPhone 3G

Senator Conroy Hearts The iPhone 3G

Apologies for the god-awful photoshop above (if you want better, send it through to me!) but ZDnet are reporting that Communications Minister Stephen Conroy is lusting after his very own iPhone 3G.

Talking with the audience at Communications Consumer Dialogue 2008 yesterday morning, he apparently announced:

“The sexy gadget at the moment is the iPhone. I’m looking
forward to getting one.”

Although there’s no mention of which carrier he plans on giving his iPhone allegiance to, the fact that the Senator considers anything sexy places him in higher regard in Gizmodo’s book than the previous Comms minister.

In other news, ZDnet says he’s also stoked that the ACCC has already stepped up to the plate with its announcement that you should be careful when it comes to mobile data, as it means he has less work to do. Good man!