Sam Fisher Will Be Watching You Watching The Dark Knight

Sam Fisher Will Be Watching You Watching <i>The Dark Knight</i>

It’s probably the beginning of the apocalypse or something, but Australia is actually starting to get things before the United States. Last week it was the iPhone 3G, and this week it’s the new Batman movie – The Dark Knight is in Australian Cinemas today, but not hitting the US until Friday. This almost makes up for Disney delaying Wall-E by 3 months in Australia. Almost.

In any case, because of the exciting Australian exclusive, Village Roadshow are cranking up the piracy paranoia prevention, and issuing staff at workers at cinemas nationwide with night-vision goggles, according to That’s right, the same guys that will be picking up your empty popcorn boxes will also be armed with state of the art military tech to stop you from recording a copy of the film for YouTube.

If you do decide to risk it and are caught, expect to be silently shot in the back of the head ejected from the cinema post haste.