Precious Metal Cover Makes Jewellery of Apple Bluetooth Headset

Apple's Bluetooth headset is already small and stylish, but designer Andi Monn has come up with a way of adding to it that also improves its utility. His headset has "sleds", which slide over the device and turn it into techy jewellery, of a sort. Plus they let you carry the gizmo around without wearing it in your ear, and thus you avoid looking overly geeky. The headset is held inside magnetically, and the sleds come with a keyring so you can carry it around discretely, if that's your fancy. However, since they're available in high-grade brushed steel, .925 Sterling silver (or other precious metals, on request) and cost around US$253, then hiding them in your pocket is probably the last thing you want to do. [Technabob]

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