Pocket-Sized iGTR Amp Is Perfect For The One-Man Concert No One Will Hear But You

Need to practice your power chords on the subway, in church, or anywhere else where crunching out the intro to Enter Sandman might be frowned upon by the man? Jam away safely in silence with this cigarette pack-sized iGTR amp from Waves. The "i" is for you, not because everyone and their dog wants to name their products after Apple phones and MP3 players, but because thanks to the dual headphones jacks, only you and a friend will hear what's going down.

Beyond the headphone jacks, there's also a laundry list of traditional amp settings to tweak, including effects like Phase, Wah-Wah, Reverb, and Delay. If you have an MP3 track you'd like to accompany, you can plug your player into the iGTR, too. Just stock up on batteries, because the US$80 amp uses AAA. [Interactive iGTR Demo and Product Page via Technabob]

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