Photoshop Disasters Hurt Our Eyes Beyond Repair

I'm not a Photoshop wizard. I know I do plenty of photobotching myself—guilty as charged, your honour—but unlike these brilliant Photoshop Disasters, I've to do mine in a few minutes in order to publish news on time, and they don't get published in ads, packages, or magazines. My favourite from the gallery: the frontal shot of a model wearing a pearl g-string (which even while it shows no genitals whatsoever and is from, could be considered NSFW by many.) Update: how could I forgot the worst Microsoft ad ever? Added.

Seriously, I love pearl g-strings, but that sex-less editing almost took my fetish away. How can anyone use the infinite power of this software to create this crap—then spend thousands of dollars publishing it in magazine covers, catalogs, product packaging, and online shops—is beyond me. Specially knowing that any of your Photobotch works have 100 times the quality of these commercial pieces. [Photoshop Disasters]

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