Photos of Labs at Night Show a Spooky, Soulful Side to Science

Science lab night-time routine goes like this: the experiment concludes, equipment winds slowly down. You rub bleary eyes, stretch your stiff neck, hit "save" on the data for analysis tomorrow. Then you deal with the forest of coffee mugs, flick the light switch and bumble out of the door. But the lab's still there: racks of equipment that can't be turned off humming, shining in the glow of its own LEDs... The technical bounds that give us our gadgets happen in these places of science, thought and, as it turns out, a kind of weird beauty when everyone's gone for the night. And that's the subject of this amazing photo set over at Seed Magazine. Check out the link for the full set: it'll get you thinking, or possibly reminiscing (it certainly did for me.) [Seed Magazine via Wired]Photos: Noah Kalina.

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