Original Tie Fighter Prop From Star Wars in Ebay Auction at US$170,000

You call Marty McFly's hoverboard a movie prop? Nahhh.... this is a movie prop. The Tie Fighter that dinged Vader's own craft, sending him spinning out of the Death Star trench? Yes, the very same, from the original Star Wars movie. It could be yours, if you take part in an Ebay Hollywood auction scheduled for Thursday. And, of course, if you have around US$170,000 lying around—and probably a bit more too, as the estimated price goes to US$200,000. The 17-inch high resin, plastic and metal model comes with a letter of authenticity from effects wiz Richard Edlund, and two shooting reports describing its use in the film. It's legit, it seems. Hmmm.... sports car/tie fighter, sports car/tie fighter. Tricky choice. [Ebay via Geekologie]

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