Optus Unleashes Unlimited Calls And SMS Plans

Optus Unleashes Unlimited Calls And SMS Plans
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Optus are on a bit of a roll at the moment. They trumped all the other networks with their iPhone 3G pricing, and now they’re offering pricing caps more akin to Three than the country’s second biggest Telco.

The new mobile plans include unlimited calls, SMS and MMS messaging to mobiles in Australia. The new plans – which Optus is calling Timeless – include a $99 option and a $129 option. The more expensive of the two plans also includes 2GB worth of data, which makes it perfect for iPhone use…

If those numbers seem a little bit pricey, there’s also a $79 cap that includes $550 worth of calls and unlimited texts. If that’s still too much for you, look at it this way – unlimited voice calls means you can ditch your home phone, saving at least $30 a month.

The catch? Well, it seems as though the $99 option is only available if you take the $14.95 mobile data pack on top (which offers 200MB), meaning it really costs $113.95 per month. And really, when you pay that much, why not upgrade for 2GB of data for an extra $17?