NSFW: Hands-on With iRoticNet.com's All You Can Eat iPhone Porn

Of all the talk of the iPhone 3G being THE new porn delivery device for on-the-go businessmen, there's been very little evidence of that actually being the case. Until now. A new site called iRoticNET.com offers a US$9.95 subscription for absolutely unlimited porn direct from their site, featuring over 200 titles at launch next week on July 22. Our hands-on verdict? It's wankalicious.

Even over 3G and not Wi-Fi, the video quality was remarkably good for something you're watching streamed live. You can seek to any part of the movie using the default iPhone movie playback controls—just like the kind you see in any embedded Quicktime movie. Audio quality was good and the 200 movies gives you a fairly ample selection that will only grow as the site matures. For US$9.95, it's a pretty damn good deal if you're a frequent traveller or if you need to hide your habit from your wife. "Favorites" support even helps you get to your preferred scenes as quickly as humanly possible.

In our opinion, it's probably the easiest way to get porn on your iPhone without loading it up in iTunes beforehand. [iRoticNET]

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