Nokia's E71 Switches Between Work And Home Modes

We've seen and heard all the talk about Nokia's new flagship E71 smartphone, and yesterday morning we got a chance to have a quick play around with the phone that Nokia employees themselves are moving to (from the N95, of course).

Aside from being a gorgeous looking smartphone (and particularly when you consider how narrow and thin it is), there was one aspect that really impressed - the ability to switch between work and home modes easily. The "switch" mode, which is an icon that sits at the top of the E71's start screen's shortcut menu, allows you to customise your phone for both work and home. That includes wallpapers, contacts, ringtones, email, calendars - pretty much anything you want.

One of the great things about this is that when you switch from work to home mode, the phone will automatically switch off your work email notifications and start receiving personal ones. For any jaded BlackBerry users who find it difficult to disconnect, this potentially offers a lifeline.The keypad itself, while surprisingly easy to use, did feel a little bit cramped towards the middle (it is a narrow phone, after all), especially when compared to the BlackBerry Bold we had a look at yesterday.

It's due to hit shelves either later this week or next week for an RRP of $709.

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