Nintendo Says They May Limit Number of Wii MotionPlus Games to Control Costs

As we pointed out this week, the Wii's MotionPlus gyroscope add-on could tip the total 4-player price of the system above or equal to the 360 and PS3. Speaking to that point, Nintendo's Katsuya Eguchi told PC Mag that an embedded MotionPlus in future Wiimotes is "something we'll be looking at," which is unfortunately a non-answer. More interesting is that they may instead decide to limit the number of games that can use the accessory. As Mark found out in his hands-on, the 1:1 motion detecting is fantastic, so the plan to embed the tiny gyroscope into the Wiimote itself (at no additional cost to us, right?) seems to be the best scenario for the future rather than put a cap on the games that can take advantage of it. Let's hope. [PC Mag]

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