Nintendo Announces Wii Music: Look Out, Beamz!

Nintendo just announced Wii Music, a new music game that lets you use the Wiimote, Nunchuk and Balance Board to create music. Unlike Rock Band or Guitar Hero, this one isn't based on precise timing. Rather, it lets you basically hit buttons and swing the remote around to create original tunes. The Wii interprets your motions and button presses to make music for you. Essentially, this is like Beamz but instead of lasers, you use the Wiimote and Balance Board. Awesome?

Different people can play different instruments, and you have the option of playing a wide number of them, from guitar and drums to the saxophone and violin. You'll be able to create music videos of the music you create, too. There will also be an orchestra conducting game included. It'll record your performance, but it won't rate or grade you. We don't want another story like the Wii Fit calling kids fat, now do we? You're all brilliant, children!

It'll be coming out this holiday season. [Gizmodo's Nintendo E3 Liveblog]

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