New Star Wars: The Clone Wars Toys On Sale Midnight Tonight

Star Wars purists like myself are probably going to ignore everything The Clone Wars with an intensity normally reserved for busting best buddies out of their carbonite prisons, but in case you're a geek that willingly and joyfully slurps up even the blackest dredges of George Lucas' mega franchise, Toys R' Us is getting ready to empty your wallets. At midnight tonight, hundreds of the toy purveyors' stores will be opened to give fans a first shot at owning their own piece of Clone Wars memorabilia. Okay, I will admit—some of it looks pretty cool.

Amongst the plethora of shiny toy options is several Titanium Series die-cast models, a couple of 3.75 inch action figures, and three pretty spectacular Star Wars LEGO sets. Toys R' Us is also holding a Galactic Star Wars Sweepstakes, where four winners will each receive one life-size character—Ahsoka, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker or Captain Rex—from The Clone Wars. [Toys R' Us]

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