Nearly 50 Movie Remakes and Sequels So Bad They Wouldn't Even Go Straight to DVD

Last week, I asked you to imagine horrible movie remakes and sequels that not even the folks in Hollywood would be so bold as to create. You responded. Oh, how you responded. I have to share with you nearly 50 movies that, god willing, we will never, ever have to see. I hope. OK, hit the jump to see your top three winners and then all the other winners in our Gallery of Champions.

First Place — No Country for Mole Men

Second Place — JarJarHead

Third Place — Robin Hood: Prince in the Closet

Really, there were lots of these entries that deserved to be in the top 3; I had a really hard time choosing the winners. Which makes your perusal of the Gallery of Champions even more imperative now. This gallery is full of some serious gold. Thanks to all who entered!

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