NailGun Mod Has Emphasis On The Gun Part

NailGun Mod Has Emphasis On The Gun Part

If Home Improvement was still on the air, this is exactly the kind of modified tool Tim Allen would have used to create an entire episode’s worth of grunting wombat noises. He may even have shot that sidekick of his, Al, for minutes worth of canned laughter.

Tool and machine gun fan David Wiggins created the mod in response to another machine-nail-gun he saw online. He didn’t think twice about it after having just picked up a new M16 (as you do).

Apparently is can drive a nail through a 2 x 4 at 200 yards. Not that you’d want to try that, of course. In any case, I highly doubt that DeWalt will be looking to bring this new line to market – at least not in Australia. Maybe in gun-loving America, but not down under.

Hit the link for even more pics of this king of the toolshed.

[via Toolmonger]