Mouse Uses 'Alien Technology' to Relieve Stress and RSI

Whenever a gadget is focused on ergonomics, buckle up for some seriously weird looking design. A prime example of this phenomenon can be seen in this "Alien Mouse" concept from designer Mizanur Rehman. The idea was to create a mouse that would strictly adhere to the principles of ergonomics and provide maximum comfort by molding itself to the user's hand with a body constructed of soft gel and cellulose. It even features a pulsating central core that reverberates throughout the frame to help relieve stress.

As for the controls—all functionality is handled by the sphere-shaped section at the top. A central joystick is flanked by fairly standard right and left click buttons, but the layout of the controls means that the mouse never needs to be physically moved. As mentioned, the Alien Mouse is only in the concept stage at this point, so I doubt that we will be seeing it on store shelves anytime soon. Hell, we may not even be using a computer mouse in 5 years time (if "experts" are to be believed). [Project Page via The Design Blog]

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