MobileMe Is Up!

Apple's MobileMe, the bigger/better/more version of .Mac, just went live, sort of. We logged in and poked around, but then the site went dead and the server started redirecting us back to the old "coming soon" page. Here's what we saw before things went away:

As promised, all of the .Mac galleries are there, now capable of editing online as well as from iPhoto, with everything synced happily:

Calendar was automatically synced too:

The look and feel were exactly like the video in the "coming soon" page, you could click on Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Photos, iDisk and a Users account-manager tab. Mail didn't work for me at all, and the server denied me by the time I hit iDisk, but all the stuff in the middle was working fine. Stay tuned for more. [MobileMe]

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