Mad Aussie Guy Catching a Marlin from Helicopter

Yes. Fishing marlins from helicopters. It may sound boring, but seriously, you won't believe your eyes. If your jaw doesn't drop after watching this, I'll post pictures of myself naked. Update: do you think this is real or not? I think is is, but you can tell us you opinion in the comments.

I've seen similar things before, with other fishes and from boats. In this case, it looks absolutely real: it's definitely not 3D or an animatronic—look how it swims away.

I'm sure they tried a few times before actually achieving it, then edited the whole thing to make it appear as a single try. You can also keep the marlin around with food and, like other fishes, they won't run away from you unless you try to approach underwater. And finally. technically the video is impeccable. Maybe that's the trick, and it's fake after all, but I'm inclined to believe that they got it after some hard work. [Heavy]

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