Lightning Review: Rock Band Drum Covers Dampen Your Furious Beatings

The Gadget: Stitched drum covers for Rock Band from "Premium Rock Band Drum Covers", which give you five different levels of padding for sound dampening. They come in four-colour style, all-black, and four-colour with a white sidewall for the Wii.

The Price: US$34 + US$10 Shipping

The Verdict: QUIET! They're form-fitting around the drum heads and are tied in place with a shoelace-like string. You can put up to four "pads" under each cover, and at three (which we tested with) it muffled drums quite nicely. This muffling will make your neighbours and family members very thankful when they're trying to read or watch TV in the other room. On the other hand, you're going to naturally try to drum harder, which tires you out faster, but increases responsiveness of the drums a little bit (no more hits that are too soft).

The downside is that it's slightly harder to tell when you're hitting the edge of the drum as opposed to slightly inside the edge, but that's more of a skill thing that you'll overcome as you get better at the game. They're quite secure when tied off correctly. On the whole, we'd pay US$34 for a pretty good quality set of pre-made drum covers that actually work and can take a good beating. It's better than taking up crochet and practicing for a month before making some yourself. [Drum Covers]

If you're an expert at the drums and already memorised which colour is which, you can opt for the all-black version, which looks a bit nicer and doesn't draw as much attention to itself.

Then there's the Wii version below.

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