Lightning Review: Moshi Zefyr MacBook Notebook Cooler

The Gadget: The Moshi Zefyr, which is a collapsible USB-powered notebook cooler for the MacBook and MacBook Air (MacBook Pro version coming soon). The USB slot is pass-through, which lets you plug in another USB device so as to break even, and the whole thing can collapse into itself for easy transport.

The Price:US $75 for the MacBook and MacBook Air versions (both silver and black), US$86 for the upcoming MacBook Pro version.

The Verdict: It works great. Moshi's own temperature measurements for the MacBook listed a 6 degree Celsius drop in temperature between using the Zefyr and not using the Zefyr after an hour's worth of video playback. We didn't have a MacBook to test it on, so we tested it on the even hotter MacBook pro, and got similar results. Temperatures on the enclosure bottom were up to about 36 degrees Celsius without the Zefyr, and around 32 degrees with it.

The best part of the Zefyr is that it looks great and only lifts up the back part of your laptop. This tilts your MacBook at a comfortable angle for typing while on a desk, but might not be terribly secure when it's on your lap. Seventy-five bones might be a bit steep for a laptop cooler, but it's probably one of the best ones we've used yet, and it goes well visually with your laptop. [Moshi]

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