Lightning Review: i2i Stream Wireless Music Sharing Device

The Gadget: Aerielle's i2i Stream allows users to share audio from any source between two or more i2i devices using a wireless 2.4 GHz frequency. Just plug in a set of headphones and listen to the music your friends are broadcasting on their i2i Streams (up to 7 audio sources).

The Price: US$119.95 for a two pack (currently on sale for US$99.95 ) or US$69.95 in a single version (on sale for US$59.95)

The Verdict: The i2i Stream works as advertised. The sound quality from the streaming music is good and it holds up well inside the range of 30 feet (even when separated by walls). Furthermore, switching between audio sources is easy with the colour coded channels, and it gets a decent amount of battery life (around 6 or 7 hours). Still, I can't recommend something that seems unnecessary to me. It's not that it is huge or anything (although it could stand to be a little smaller), but when you plug in an iPod and headphones it is nothing more than another cumbersome gadget taking up space and emptying your wallet. And why? So you can share your horrible taste in music with your friends? If you want to DJ your tunes, a simple portable speaker would suffice. Besides, for the price of a single i2i Stream you could get a 2GB Shuffle and listen to your own music.[i2i Stream]

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