Lightning Review: Fabrix iPhone 3G Fabric Sleeves

The Gadget: Protective fabric-based sleeves for your iPhone 3G/original iPhone. Unlike a case, you slip your iPhone inside via the top and have to take it back out entirely to use.

The Price: US$21.90

The Verdict: Protective goodness. We're usually very down on cases for any kind of phone or PMP—why cover up something well designed with something quite ugly—but sleeves are an entirely different matter. Fabrix' version provides ample cushioning for your phone when it's not in use, but you're supposed to take your iPhone entirely out of the sleeve when you're actually handling it. Couple that with the fact that these sleeves are actually very nice looking and you've got a great combination of usability and aesthetics.

It's especially useful for women with purses, as the ones we're familiar with just throw their phones in with their keys, pens and other sharp objects. Now with the case, we can place our phones in the same pocket as our keys—something we have always stayed away from. Pick up a few to change out when you're tired of the old one. [Fabrix]

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