Lightning Review: EOS Wireless iPod Dock/Speaker System Gets Sound To Every Room Cheaply And Easily

The Gadget: EOS Wireless iPod Dock/Wireless Speaker system, which has one base unit that can take either an iPod or anything that can feed into its 3.5mm aux input (wire included). With this one base unit you can feed up to four satellite wireless units up to 45 metres away (or less through walls and floors).

The Price: US$250 for the base unit and one satellite, US$130 for each additional satellite.

The Verdict: Dreamy. The ability to put music in five separate rooms simultaneously (base + 4 sats) is a dream we've had since we were in elementary school planning on buying our first house. (That's right, other kids wanted to be astronauts, we wanted to be Bruce Wayne, homeowner and bad arse crimefighter.) The base unit has excellent sound, great bass response and SRS WOW! sound enhancement. The satellites are a bit lower quality, but definitely listenable. As a bonus, it also supports all the way back to the 3rd generation iPods—in our opinion, one of the best iPods ever made. Rocktastic.

Shooting iPod music everywhere was cool, but we discovered something way cooler. Step one was plugging our iTunes output from our Mac/PC into the base unit and switching it to AUX input. Step two was using our iPhone and the new Remote app so we could control our iTunes from anywhere inside the house. It's as close to an ultimate audio setup as we could get with equipment this easy and plug-and-play.

Is it worth US$250 + US$130 for satellites? Think of it as an investment. As long as you're happy with the sound quality and your home isn't any taller than three stories (just about the limit we found for the sound to not cut in and out all the time) you'll be able to use this as a home-wide music solution for years. [EOS Wireless]

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