Lightning Review: Belkin CushTop Hideaway Laptop Cushion

The Gadget: A semi-solid cushion for your laptop that separates hot aluminium from fleshy thighs, plus has a small space to store random things (like your charger).

The Price: US$39.99

The Verdict: Alright. It does what it says, which is giving you a small cushion between your laptop and your thighs. It's better than a normal pillow because it's flat, and gives adequate airflow for proper ventilation. The little hiding hole is enough for you to shove your iPod, wallet, or various computer accessories into.

The only thing we have a problem with is the price. US$40 seems to be too high for something like this (it was listed incorrectly as US$64.99 on their press release) when you can get something like the Kangaroom Bamboo Laptop station for US$45. Or, you can wait for Belkin's other laptop cooling devices like the Cooling Lounge, which cost the same but have a fan on board for extra ventilation. [Belkin]

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