Let’s Take a Closer Look At Optus’ iPhone Pricing: Post-paid ‘Yes’ Plans

Let’s Take a Closer Look At Optus’ iPhone Pricing: Post-paid ‘Yes’ Plans
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This is the final part of our look at Optus’ iPhone plans. If you’re not into that whole “capped plans” deal, then this is your best and only option on Optus for the iPhone 3G.

Prices range from $19 per month to $149 per month, with the level of included calls just underneath the amount you pay. Data incluions here are the same as the capped plans, starting at 100MB and maxing out a 1GB for the $99 and $149 plans.

The iPhone itself will cost up to $59 per month (16GB iPhone, 12 month contract, $19 plan) but you can pick it up for free on the more expensive plans.

This is very similar to what you get with the capped plans, and so has the same level of disappointment at the lack of an appropriate data allowance for power users.

However one really cool feature that was overlooked in the previous two plans (although still applies to them) is the inclusion of free Wi-Fi at Optus Wi-Fi hotspots. I have no idea how prevalent these are around the country – I’m much more familiar with Telstra’s hotspots – but it’s still a great added bonus for users. Remember that the iPhone can automatically detect a wireless network and switch to it from mobile data.

So, now that you know what Optus is offering, how many of you are going to sign the contract with them next Friday? Or will you wait to hear what the other networks have to say first? Let us know in comments…

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