John Mayer Does Apple Tech Support for His Dad, Fails Miserably

In a twist of destiny, John Mayer—the guy who writes to Apple Support saying "Hey guys, John Mayer here" and actually gets replies back—had to turn into tech support guy after his dad called saying "Hey, John Mayer's dad here." The musician tried to guide his father through Mac OS X in order to find his Entourage icon with no success, getting more and more frustrated with every turn of the conversation. We were able to grab the hilarious 100% unedited clip from TMZ before it disappeared.

You all know we are not fans of John—one of Steve Jobs' favourite pop heads—but having experienced similar situations with family and friends, we absolutely sympathise with his frustration.


OK, you are right. We don't. [Tumblr -- Video no longer available -- Thanks Benny and Richard]



    OK, so fake or not, this is exactly what I go through with my mum and dad like at least 2 times a week. Getting better, but I love it when they call me at the movies or while I'm at work: "I saved my word thing and now I can't find it..." So where did you save it to? "How do I find that out?" The computer would ask you where you want to save it, where did you say to save it? "This is really hard OK, stop sounding agitated!"


    Umm could he not have just said

    go to the top right of the screen, click on the magnifying glass, and type in "entourage" ?

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